Who we are

Animatrix is a studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania (54.678896, 25.277503 to be exact), where everyone walks in their slippers, are wacky – in a good way and ignited about their work. Usually we sit alone surrounded by children during the new animation premier in the cinema and read comics before going to sleep. Pretty good fusion for animation studio, don’t you think?

We can say a lot: we are both hard workers and creatives, our goal is to reach the maximum, we aim to achieve success, we are stubborn and passionate about our work. Briefly, we are ingenious and inventive, also bloody good in producing and creating, storytelling and high tech know-how – but let our works speak for us.

What we do

  • Commercials
  • Shorts
  • TV Series
  • Game Cinematics
  • Anything else comes to your mind